For many industries, the digger derrick is known as the jack-of-all-trades, the Swiss army knife of heavy duty commercial vehicles and the one unit that cannot be done without because it is so useful in so many different work situations. Even being the star of the work site, it is also a possibility that the normally equipped digger derrick truck can be just a little bit too big for every situation. The good news is that there are smaller, scaled down versions called mini diggers that are advertised as being able to provide the same great, versatile service in a much smaller size for getting into many tighter spaces and performing certain tasks that require more precise and careful handling.

  • Compact Design – An important point to understand about mini diggers is that in spite of a smaller style, this truck can perform the same types of jobs as a full sized vehicle can handle. Load limits and boom reach are of course limited to the capability of the unit and what it can handle; as far as usefulness with the normal types of jobs done by a digger, it is the same as with the full-sized unit. Using the right attachments make these vehicles a definite favorite choice for hole drilling, hole digging, lifting, positioning, plowing, scooping, mowing and much more.
  • Identical Safety Features – Regardless of the dimensions, mini diggers come equipped with the same safety features as any of the full sized units as well as all other similar pieces of heavy equipment. There are specific load limits set for every separate vehicle based on individual weight and size; most also use the same monitoring software to transmit usage statistics. One additional safety feature that can be found is that operation of these units is generally from within a small, single-person cab located right on the main chassis; this enables operation of the unit from within the confines of a very safe compartment without the need for the operator having to get close to the truck while working.
  • Offers Many Benefits – The main advantage for deciding to use a mini digger for certain jobs is the impressive way in which this vehicle is able to get where other trucks many times cannot even get close. Outfitted with tracks instead of wheels, these amazing vehicles are mountain goats with the way in which difficult terrain at some job sites can be reached and how well they can fit into small spaces, places that a full sized digger truck would have difficulty reaching. Beyond these aspects and the normal safety features, smaller units are much more cost effective considering the price of fuel at the current time; many are electrically powered and those that are not are much easier on fuel than the bigger counterparts. These trucks are much less expensive to buy than new larger units; in addition, mini diggers tend to hold their value without rapid depreciation much better than used larger units that cost a great deal of money even used.

All in all, the mini digger is a great option for companies that: do a lot of work in more remote, less spacious conditions; need to watch how much damage other larger versions of this machinery can inflict to surrounding landscapes; and want to stay as economical as possible. Best of all, it is very possible to get a great bargain on mini diggers by using on-site or online auction companies. Any business should thoughtfully consider the power and prowess of a mini digger for getting all jobs done with speed, accuracy and budgetary caution – these mini machines should not to be overlooked!