Sporting Events During the Holiday Season

Did you know that football was a very important part of thanksgiving since 1934? No? Many people don’t. Most of the professional games are held on thanksgiving and the only games played on this day until recently. There are many football games played around the time of thanksgiving weekend. These games include the Border Showdown, Egg Bowl, Holy War, Lone Star Showdown, Sunshine Showdown, Backyard Brawl, Iron Bowl, and more.

Another sport people might enjoy watching over thanksgiving holidays would be college basketball which is shown on television takes place on thanksgiving and during thanksgiving weekend. These tournaments have only been around since 2006 but have held tradition since then. Golf and auto racing are not sports that normally take place during thanksgiving but there are some games that take place during this time.

In NYC, they have what is called a “Turkey Trot Race” which doesn’t get a whole lot of publicity but it has become an important sport to the park and residents there. It takes place every year around 9 in the morning. The race starts off as being five miles but for those who still feel the need to run afterwards can participate in the ten mile race if they like, giving them a chance to work off that good ole turkey before demolishing it.

There are many activities and sports that take place during our feasting day we like to call thanksgiving. Some sports are national sports while others are just active ways to have fun and enjoy you with family and friends during such a lovely holiday. Many people use this time to draw closer to their families and loved ones and if you think about it, what better way to do this than through a couple of fun filled sports?