Should I Use Auto Form Filling Software To Enter Competitions and Sweepstakes?

Automatic Form Filling Software has its pros and cons, and can help you on your way to winning more prizes. But Auto Software is not for everyone when it comes to entering competitions.

This software saves you time because it fills out most fields of entry forms for you. The big advantage of course is that you save time, and the more time you have the more competitions you can enter and win!

For those trying to decide whether to buy or subscribe to auto form filling software, the choice may not be simple. There are many on the market, and all have their own particular benefits.

These are the top five reasons that people use auto-form filling software

1. It is easy, with the software automatically filling out entry forms for you.

2. For the speed. Users are promised to be able to enter competitions and sweepstakes up to ten times faster!

3. It is safe and secure – passwords can be stored.

4. It is a “brain saver”, with the auto form filling software remembering all your and passwords for different websites and programs for you.

5. For the memory space – all forms can be saved for later.

So now you know the good news, here are the four main reasons people are beginning to turn away from filling out entries with auto-form filing software.

1. Users must still check all the details are correctly entered in every field of the competition entry form. Arguably this takes up just as much time as the software claims to save! But because the software is not going to check your spelling and grammar, or that the details were put in the correct field, they all must be checked. Remember, it is a computer program, not a thinking person. If a mistake is made and not picked up by the user, you may disqualify yourself from the sweepstake.

2. In the modern cyber world, many of the features are useful. For example, users should not complete every detail, such as credit card details, bank account information and other private information that you do not want to have stolen, in their auto filling profile. This is just a recipe for disaster!

3. Auto form filling software cannot and does not check whether you are eligible to enter. The user still must do this themself.

4. Many promoters have become savvy to the auto form filler, and now include features into their online entry forms, for example drop down menus, that render this software totally useless. Again, meaning that the comper must take the time to painstakingly retrace their steps through the form to ensure the form is completed.

If you decide to use automatic form filling software to enter sweepstakes, don’t forget the biggest rules of comping – to keep winning you must enter competitions frequently! And keep going if you are enjoying yourself. Remember, hobbies are supposed to be fun!!