When it comes to making decisions about your wedding and the type of transport that needs to be arranged then there are various options open to you. Whether you have your wedding in a traditional church location, a registry office, or somewhere a little more unusual, these days there are lots of vehicle choices to choose from to get you there on time.

The traditional wedding vehicles are vintage and classic wedding cars that can easily be found for hire. Just take a look through the yellow pages, in your local paper, or online for a list of companies that hire out classic wedding vehicles.

Vintage wedding cars offer a very elegant and chic way to arrive at your wedding venue; mostly they involve cars that were made before the 1950’s. For sophistication then you really should go with a Rolls Royce, Lincoln, Austin or Ford as they are truly beautiful cars. Vintage cars might be old but they are extremely well looked after and maintained and their engines purr like a pussy cat. Due to their age they often are more comfortable for brides as they offer more space than newer models.

Mostly vintage cars used for weddings are white, however there are a few variants to be found on the colour scheme and if you have the time to search around you might find a two-tone car, generally a white body with black, maroon or dark blue roof.

Classic cars can be manufactured after the 50’s and as late as the 80’s and include well known names such as Daimler, Mercedes, Jaguar, Rolls Royce and Bentley. Just think of a typical James Bond movie and you will be on the right track. These cars are easily found in white and silver. Generally a classic car is chosen for the Groom and Best Man as their luxurious interiors are comfy and calming for what can be a nerve-wracking journey.

An alternative for the Groom and Best Man is a sports car. Anything from a BMW to a Ferrari, a Porsche to a Mercedes can now be hired as wedding cars and are a popular choice with lots of young couples. It’s even possible to drive this yourself, although of course you have to be prepared to pay a high premium to cover any accidents that might happen.

Most vintage and classic wedding car hire companies provide a uniformed chauffeur to get you from place to place on the big day so there is no need to worry about who will drive, everything is taken car of for you.

Seen a lot more these days and another choice for your wedding is the stretch limo. Limousines are linked with true glamour, chic, and extravagance, people who have far too much money have been using chauffeured limousines as a mode of transportation for hundreds of years.

It is worth looking around at different wedding car companies before hiring a vehicle as costs vary widely with each one. Prices are usually set depending on if a chauffeur is included, the mileage involved and how long you require the vehicle. You will need to have some idea of your requirements before you can get a quoted price. There is no point in giving prices here as it all depends on the model of car you want, if you hire more than one car then you should ask for a discount.

When you hire a wedding car there are companies that will provide extra’s at extra cost, such as ribbons and bows to decorate the car, flowers and even champagne. Check what is included in the price before you agree to anything as you should know exactly what you are getting for the price.

Hiring a luxury wedding limousine on your big day is sure to get you noticed and is the height of sophistication. You could even fit the whole family into one! Check online for luxury limousines and wedding cars in your area and find something unique for your own special event.