In the day to day operation of warehouses and industrial plants, forklifts are the common vehicle used to move products and materials from place to place. This movement places both your personnel as well as expensive and possibly critical equipment at risk for damage or injury. You have taken the initiative to install various industrial storage components, such as vertical racking, cantilever racking, heavy duty racking and steel storage components, in your warehouse to safely store and organize your products and materials. It only makes sense that you would want to take safety one step further and install safety barriers for the additional protection they offer.

There are a wide variety of these heavy duty barriers available to protect people and equipment in warehouses, offices and parking lots. The barriers are typically made in a bolted construction to facilitate easy replacement of damaged components after impact. Some of these heavy duty barrier systems are manufactured for self-installation, requiring no specialized installation charges. This helps to control your installation costs dramatically. They are finished as standard in the high visibility orange that is required by health and safety regulations.

Your heavy duty safety barriers are available in several styles and designs. These designs, while they may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, are listed below as examples of what is available:

  • 750 mm high, bolted construction, twin channel heavy barriers
  • 1100 mm, bolted construction, twin channel steel barrier with pedestrian handrail
  • 750 mm, bolted construction, galvanized Armco steel barrier
  • 750 mm, galvanized Armco steel barrier with twin Armco safety rails
  • 750 mm, heavy duty barrier with flat rail and flush front face, with tapered ends for safety
  • 500 mm, fully welded low level tubular heavy barrier with rounded corners for maximum safety
  • 450 mm, bolted construction, low level medium duty barrier, similar in style to the 750 mm high, bolted construction, twin channel heavy barrier but with a single lighter weight channel rail.

If you have a need, there is an industrial racking safety barrier to meet that need.