I Would Like to Start a Truck Wash Business

If you are in the trucking industry or a truck driver you may want to consider starting a truck wash business. Starting a truck wash business is not easy and getting the permits will be difficult. If you live in an area where there is a drought consideration or a shortage of water it may become more difficult than you think to start a truck wash that you have been dreaming of.

However there is equipment that you can purchase, which will help you reclaim most of the water that you use so that you can use it again and in doing so you will be able to prove that you can save water and this may help you get the permits for sewer and water hookups that you need from the planning commission when you give them the plans to start your truck wash.

Many truck wash equipment manufacturers have environmental impact reports pre-made and areas to fill in the rest of the local data and also plans and drawings of buildings that will help you house the equipment if you buy from them. So, this makes things much easier with building a truck wash if you can use your equipment vendor as a helper of sorts.

Getting an SBA loan to start a truck wash is not very difficult and it helps if you are a minority. You may also wish to find local investors who were either in the truck industry or believe that truck washing could be good business. Additionally local banks may be willing to fund a truck wash business because it is not a higher risk category. Consider all this in 2006.