Golf: Why the Auto Kaddy Electric Golf Trolley With 36 Hole Lithium Battery Is a Great Purchase

The Auto Kaddy Electric Golf Trolley with 36 Hole Lithium Battery is a great purchase for all golf enthusiasts. Once a color is chosen and the order is placed the trolley will arrive quickly and is easily assembled. It runs quite well on hilly terrain and is a very dependable product. The battery lasts for quite some time and is very reliable. This trolley is run on a rechargeable lithium battery. It is easy to maintain and easy to use. This trolley folds up to fit in the boot of one’s vehicle so that it is easy to move from course to course and home again. The lighter weight lithium battery makes the Auto Kaddy Electric Golf Trolley with 36 Hole Lithium Battery lighter than those with a standard battery.

Why a lithium battery

The lithium battery that comes with this trolley is more than reliable. It is about half the size of the standard lead and acid battery. These batteries get substantially more rounds of golf out of them and are lighter and about half the size of their lead-acid counterparts. They make the whole Kaddy easier to maneuver and transport because of their portability. The battery has a system built into it that helps to maintain it and prevent it from being overloaded and aids in optimum performance. It has a much quicker than expected recharging time with users often saying it takes half of the time of their older style batteries. This battery comes with a charging wire that must be used when one charges up in order to get a proper charge and not damage the unit. This battery works best with Trolleys that have only one motor such as the reliable Auto Kaddy Electric Golf Trolley.

Fun, Reliability, and Savings

These batteries may carry a higher initial price than do their lead-acid counterparts, but remember they will last longer and users will get a larger number of rounds of golf out of them, making them actually cheaper to use per round of golf played. Users of this Trolley with the reliable lithium battery were so happy and were often the envy of friends who spent more for less reliable or easy to use trolleys. The trolley will go several meters via radio control, can measure the distance of the last shot and will add to the enjoyment of the game for all golf enthusiasts. It is best for golfers who are regulars, that is, those who golf multiple times a week to simply keep the battery on charge when not in use and to remove it to play a round and then return it to charge after finishing with it for the day. For best results after the green charge light is lit, the battery should be placed on standby. Following these steps will result in a long battery life which over time will afford a golfer great savings.