Getting Down and Dirty With Dirt Track Auto Racing – The Fun, Family Friendly Sport

In the stand are families who have supported this wonderful sport for many years. Generations of drivers are represented in the bleachers.

Dirt track auto racing is a family-oriented sport. It isn’t uncommon to find grandfather, father, and son working together to build a modified stock car to race. Then the best driver out of the three will take the car for a quick spin around the track. Any modifications that are needed will be worked on by the family to prepare the car to do its part in the race. However, it is the skilled driver who wins or loses.

One such winning modified race car driver is located in the small town of Latrobe, PA in the Laurel Highlands. His name is Jeremy Zufall. Jeremy, his dad Jim (he races and wins also), his grandfather, and a few of his uncles have all been dirt track auto racing drivers over the years. They are a close knit family who have a passion for the sport and who love to race just for the fun of it. They do also like to win. Jeremy has won many events at the Latrobe Speedway as well as other events in the tri-state area of Pennsylvania.

Anyone who is 18 or older and who has a car can get started in dirt track auto racing. You will need to make your car safe by modifying it just in case you would crash during the race. The most important modification would be to make a cage on the drivers side to protect you if you roll over. You must also take out all of your windows to prevent life-threatening cuts in the event of a crash. When you are just starting to drive, the speeds average 70-80 mph and those are speeds you are used to doing on the highways. When you progress into different racing classes, the speeds will increase up to 120 mph eventually.

If you like a roaring good time, like loud engine noises, blaring announcements, dust and dirt flying everywhere near the track, don’t mind a piece of mud in your eye as the dirt track auto racers roar their way around the track, then by all means, make it a fun, family night out. You truly can get down and dirty at the track if you learn to love dirt track auto racing.

You can discover more about the wonderful, fun, family sport of dirt track auto racing by visiting Jeremy’s blog by clicking here