If you are not in the habit of hiring a car on a regular basis. You may become overwhelmed by the all the different rules that apply when renting a car.

Each car hire UK firm has different options when you go onto to book a car.

The rule of thumb tends to be that each twenty four period counts as one day. A minimum hire period set by the car rental companies tends to be one day, although you can rent for a longer period of time.

This can turn out to be very costly if you only hire for one day because the car hire firms wish you to rent for a longer period of time. They each offer different types of rewards for longer hires.

You will see the daily rate go down the longer you have the car on rent. You may also receive an added bonus such as free additional drivers for a rental over a certain rental period.

The hire periods rates most often occur at one day, two days, three and four days, five and six days, seven to thirteen days, fourteen to twenty days, twenty one days to twenty seven days and then twenty eight days and over. The rates tend to be set for those rental periods.

Please remember if you are renting for over twenty eight days restrictions may apply to your booking. This may include restrictions on mileage to two thousand eight hundred miles within your overall hire period.

Sometimes the car hire firm may only have the cars on loan and may need to sell their cars after a certain mileage has been reached. Generally around the ten to twelve thousand mark on the mileage clock.

Please bear this in mind before you set off to double check the mileage clock on the rental car if you are hiring for a long period of time. As you will need to change over the car at a local branch once the mileage reaches the sale point. This often causes a lot of confusion when your final invoice arrives as sometimes the computer can not tally up your final rental invoice if the cars have been switched over during your rental. You end up with two invoices instead of one.

When you are renting a car, please remember and bring along your passport, credit card and driving license. If you are a UK resident with a new style license then please bring along the paper and photograph part. If you still have the old paper style license don’t worry as this is still valid.

Please note there may be restrictions on hiring a car if your are aged between twenty one and twenty four and an upper age limit sometimes of over seventy. This is due to insurance policy terms which each car hire firm requires to have by law.

There is generally no restrictions on drivers aged twenty five to sixty nine.

Always check with the car hire firm before you book if you have any questions.