Car Hire In Greece – Car Rental Guide For Greek Holidays

Two thousand islands and more than three thousand years of history is awaiting for you in Greece. Being such a popular destination with historic, natural and cultural heritage, it is impossible to cruise around the country relying on public transport, specially, if limited by time.

Car hire in Greece is one of more popular choices among international visitors and therefore the saying: first come, first served is definitely true. Here are some tips how to get most of car rental in Greece.

Plan ahead of time. Cannot emphasize enough the importance of early booking when it comes to car hire in Greece. Despite the abundance of car rental companies in all major cities like Athens, Patras, Thessaloniki, Kefalonia as well as local providers on islands have limited amount of cars. High demand in July and August is a good reason to book before arrival online at least few months before. Booking will take five minutes of your time and a small down payment will be charged from credit card after the vehicle gets confirmed.

Some holidaymakers would like to have a short visit to neighbouring countries like Macedonia or Turkey. Unfortunately this is not possible by utilising car hire. Strict insurance regulations make it impossible for taking the rented car out of Greece. Arrange ground public transport in this case.

For island hopping by car only few companies will allow taking vehicles on ferries. In this case It is better to rent a vehicle on the islands than on mainland of Greece.